Welcome to Unreal Engineering.  Here you will find many maps, skins and prefabs for Unreal Tournament and UnrealEd.  So, check everything out and see what you think.  All maps, skins and prefabs are made by me and they are free, so tell your friends and give the files to anyone you want.  Enjoy!

If the buttons do not work for you the links to the other pages are at the bottom of this page.



I had to fix some stuff on the Canyon Fortresses map so I put a new version of the map on the maps page.  Make sure you download it.


Well, the new CTF map is finished and you can download it on the maps page.  It's called CTF-Canyon Fortresses and it's an awesome map to play.  I think it is my best map yet.


My newest CTF map is in its beta stage.  I'm having a few people try it out in the next week or so for some feedback.  Once all necessary adjustments are made I will post it up in the maps page.  For now there are some screenshots on the maps page to show you what this map is all about.  Enjoy.


Sorry for the lack of updates.  I have been busy for the past few weeks finishing up my senior year in high school.  After next week I start my Senior Transition Project (check out the other link at the opening page of this site) and this will finish up my final year in high school.  Today I put up a brand new map on the maps page.  This is my second CTF map and it is entitled "Hall of Two Moons."  I worked for a long time on this one and I think it may be my best work yet.  Check out the screen shots on the maps page, I think you will like them.  Make sure you download this map if you are a CTF fan, because it rocks!  I am also going to start my first DOM map (probably tomorrow) so look for new of its progress in the future.  Enjoy the new map!


Here's just a little update on some maps I'm working on.  I've started a new CTF map, but it is quite massive and may take up to another month to complete (it will be really cool, though).  I have also started work on a DM map and that will be finished after the CTF map.  Check back later for updates and maybe some new prefabs.


Hey everyone.  Someone has brought to my attention that the buttons may not work for some of you.  If this is the case I have provided a link to the maps page at the bottom of every page.  More links to the other pages will follow.  Also, I have some ideas for some new maps, including a Mario World map that I am currently working on.  So stay in touch for some more great maps.


I have posted the newest map DM-Out of Breath on the maps page.  There are also two new prefabs for you that come from my latest map.  The CTF map that was recently posted may be updated in the future, so I may post a newer, revised version of it later.  Also you will notice that I have taken out the skins page.  I have decided that I will just focus on maps and prefabs from now on.


Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been working hard on two new maps, one of which I am releasing today.  This is my second giant map and my first Capture the Flag map.  Check it out, it's a fun map to play.  Look for a new map on this site soon.


The Paradise Lost map has been added to the Maps page.  If you find any major errors or if a file is missing please email me right away so that I can fix the problem.  Have fun!


The Space Lab map is still screwed up, so it'll probably never be completed.  However, I made a great map over the past week.  I have posted info on it over at the maps page and I'll probably get the file online tomorrow.  So, check it out and look for the link to the file on Saturday night.


Important: If you downloaded the CompRoom map in the last few days and found out that one of the textures for one of the posters on the wall is missing, you have to download the zip file again in order to get the right utx file.  I must have packed the old utx file with the new map in the previous zip file.  Sorry for the mix up.  There is a bright side for all you telefraggers out there, this new zip file contains a map that allows you to use the teleporter.

I have not come up for an idea for a new map yet, but I did have some time to create a new prefab.  It's a military type truck with a cannon on top, sort of like an artillery vehicle.  Go over to the prefabs section to check it out.

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