I have compiled a bunch of prefab files for use in Unreal Tournament maps here.  These are free so go ahead, download them and distribute them as much as you want.  Once you have downloaded the .zip file all you have to do is extract the prefab and then you can import it through UnrealEd and use it in your level.

Large Submarine

This is a pretty good size sub that comes from my Out of Breath map.

Small Submarine

This is a small submarine that comes from my Out of Breath map.

Millennium Falcon

This is a prefab of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon from the movie Star Wars.  I picked the best textures I could find for this but you can always use your own textures if you think they look better.  In all it's pretty good but you might want to add some stuff if you think it's missing something.

Darth Vader's Shuttle

This is Darth Vader's shuttle from the Star Wars trilogy.  Again, I used some good textures but you can change them and add stuff as you see fit.

Truck Cannon

This is a military truck with a big-ass cannon on it.  I made this in about an hour and put a fair amount of detail into it, but as always add anything you want to it, it's just a basic design.


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