Here are a bunch of maps that I have created for use in Unreal Tournament.  IMPORTANT: All my UT maps use the ChaosUT mod so you should download that at it's an awesome mod!.  Anyway, download anything you want and give it to everyone you want because all these files are free!  Just don't try to sell them to people, that is lame.


Unreal Tournament Maps

Canyon Fortresses

Well, I guess I've gotten in the mood to make CTF maps, so here's another one for you.  This takes place in a canyon area with two large fortresses.  This map is extremely hard to score on because of the way it's laid out.  It's a really fun and addictive map to play.

Hall of Two Moons

This is my second CTF map.  I spent a lot of time on this one to make it intricate, yet beautiful with good game play.  Basically, it's one big hall with many smaller rooms and passage ways that allows for very diverse game play.

Out of Breath

This is a cool underwater map with an above water place as well.  It includes submarines and some cool underwater structures.

Urinal Tournament

This is my second giant map and my first Capture the Flag map.  It takes place in a public restroom and it's really a fun map to play.

Paradise Lost

This is a nice map of a space ship that has crashed on an island.  There are good bot paths, nice item placement, and some cool effects.  This is definitely one of my most favorite maps.

Bloody Study

This is my first giant map.  I think it came out really well.  It is basically a very near replica of my computer room in my house.  When you play the map you are the size of a mouse and you have to run around the room with objects that would normally be small being very large.  Check it out, it's a really fun map.

Mars Grav Pad

    This is a small, but pretty cool map.  The main theme of this map is jump pads.  There are three different levels you can jump between and a lower level.  This is a great map if you are playing against other people but it is not so great for bots.  There are bot paths and they work fine but the bots end up injuring themselves on the jump pads, but the level is still playable with bots.

Deck 14D

    As the name suggests it is like Deck 16.  This is just an all around great map with good weapon placement and great bot paths. 

DM -

Ranger Moon Space Station

This map is very intricate.  It has a whole bunch of portals, movers and traps, so it's a cool map to use.  Because of all these aspects, however, this map tends to run a little slow.  There is a bright side, though.  This map seems to run pretty well on my computer (see About Me for my computer specs) so I think it will run on any computer with 128 MB ram, 500Mhz processor, and a good 32MB video card.  If your computer meets these specs I encourage you to download this map because it rocks.

Dry Dock

This is the second map I have ever made.  It's pretty cool.  This map is a submarine sitting in the middle of a dry dock which has some buildings around it.  It's got really good game play.  Try it out.

Temple of Blue Death

This is a small map which takes place in a temple of some sort.  It has a bunch of lighting and sound effects and is generally a cool map.  This map has really fast game play.

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