Welcome to Unreal Engineering.  Here you will find many resources such as maps, skins, and prefabs.  I also have composed a list of very helpful tutorial sites for those of you who decide to delve into the art of map creation.  You can check out my interests and any other personal stuff if you like (but most of you are probably here for the awesome UT maps).  So check everything out.  I hope you find what you are looking for.




-10/04/01- After testing out the BioCorp map I found that it wasn't as large as I wanted it to be.  So, I've made it bigger and added some other cool stuff to it.  If you downloaded it before just download it again and overwrite all the old files.  If you have any suggestions for me please email me or IM me to tell me.  It would be great to hear of what people think about it.


-9/23/01- Just added my new Strike Force Team Death Match map to the site.  It's the BioCorp Chemical Corperation map.  Check it out.  This is my best Strike Force map ever.


-9/12/01- Even through the unfortunate events today and yesterday I have been able to add my first two prefabs to my site.


-9/11/10- Today is truly a sad day.  The World Trade Center towers have been destroyed and the Pentagon is severely damaged.  Many innocent people have lost their lives for some very ignorant, selfish, cowardly terrorists who prey on peoples' fear.  I ask all of you to pray for those who have been lost, their families, and the injured on this dark day.

Plane hits WTC


-9/10/01- Today I added some Death Match maps as well as some Strike Force Team Death Match maps.  I also added my two clan skins for you to try.  Enjoy!


-9/9/01- The site was created for the first time on my PIII 550 Mhz computer using Microsoft FrontPage!  Not much else to say at the moment but stay tuned for new maps, skins, and prefabs.


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