UT Maps

    Check out these maps I have made.  Most of them are Death Match maps, but I have made some Strike Force maps as well if you are interested in that total conversion MOD.  Also pretty much all of my maps (even some of the SF maps) need the Chaos UT mod.  This mod is small, but it's good.  You can download it at www.utcenter.com.  Without this mod many of my maps will not work!


Ranger Moon-

This is a Death Match map which resemble Phobos Moon slightly (but not really).  It's a large space port in the middle of space and it's actually really cool.  I put in a lot of movers and traps (such as a pressure zone) which make the game play more intricate.  There are also a number of portals which might confuse you at times.  The only thing is that this is a bug map, so you need at least a 400 Mhz machine to run it properly (I wouldn't try with anything less than that). 



Deck 14D-

As you may tell from the title this is like Deck 16.  This is probably my best map yet.  There's the water that cascades down in three different falls and a whole bunch of other cool effects.  Plus, the game play in it is really smooth because it's almost circular path.  I love this level and I think you will too.

DM - Deck14D.zip


Dry Dock-

This is a cool map of a submarine in a dry dock area.  It's not the best map I have ever made (it was my second one in fact), but I like it a lot.  You can go in and out of the sub and the weapon and inventory placing is good (I think).  In all this level has great game play and moves right along.


Temple of Blue Death-

This a very simple, but awesome level.  It's basically a pyramid but it has many passages and cool sound effects.  It's also totally symmetric (except for one part).  Great eight player map.



This is the very first map I made.  It's actually not that bad.  It's a floating platform type thing in the middle of space.  It has a lot of movers and decoration.  I was basically trying out concepts with this map but it came out a lot better than I expected.




Strike Force Maps

Unfortunately I do not have any screen shots for my Strike Force maps, but take my word for it, they are good.  You should definitely download them.


This is a nice map of a chemical production facility.  It has a lot of cool movers and many paths to choose from.  I have also added really good bot support for this one.


Missile Silo-

This is probably my best Strike Force map.  It's a cool missile silo in the middle of no where which guard towers and pill-boxes and a lot of tunnels.  It's an awesome map with many tactical paths to chose from.


Flight 406-

This is a small Strike Force map on  an airplane.  Even though it's small (I would have no more than 6 people per team) you can have nice quick matches on it.  I like this map a lot.